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Services and Pricing
Hair Extensions available now!
These amazing, natural looking, extensions are matched to your colour and available in 10-24" lengths. Comfortable 100% Human Hair extensions that lay seamlessly along your head.
Extension pieces are also available in Funky Colours or Hi-lights for individual application, great for those fun peek-a-boo's without the colour fading or damage.
Consultations are free.
Your Hair will last up to a year*
*With proper care and maintenance.
Several Certified Professional Extentionists on hand!
*Price may vary on all services depending on product usage, length, density, complexity and the service provider you choose to see. We would be happy to provide you with an exact price after the consultation if you require, please ask your stylist.
Personalized Cutting *
Deva Cut- specialized cutting
with enhancement                     $75+

Ladies Cuts              $47-$67
Mens Cuts               $31-$45
Teen ~ 12-17 years
Girls                         $40-$52
Guys                        $26-$40

Kids ~
 up to 11 years           $25-30
*All adult cuts include; personalized consultation, scalp massage, shampoo, cut & styling.
Special Occasion Styling+
Short                             $32+
Medium                          $37+
Long                               $42+
Formal Style                  $50+
Basic UpDo                    $62+
Bridal UpDo                   $90+
+Price may vary depending on complexity, use of ornaments or extensions.
Facial Waxing
Brow Wax                         $18
Center Brow Only              $8
Lip Wax                            $16
Chin                                  $16
Neck                                $21
Sideburns                        $21
FullFace                           $60
Brow Tint                        $22
Brow Wax & Tint             $35
Colour Service*
ReTouch                    $67 +
Full Application         $87+
Gloss                         $40+
Park N Fly                 $47+
Foils & Balayage*-
Peak-A-Boo            $16+ ea.
Face Frame            $57+    
Crown n' Glory        $87+
Global                     $117+
Balayage                  $147+

Corrective, fashion & Specialty colour quoted by consultation 

X-treme Blondes*-
*Includes global lightening & toning on basic application.
Retouch                 $85+
Short Hair             $115+
Long Hair               $155+
X-treme Length     $205+

*Additional costs for X-treme lengths, multiple colors, specialty or premium colour services & applications.   
Mens Color-
Just the Tips          $37
Camo Color              $37+
The Works              $67+
Curl Reformation

Short                      $82+
Long                       $112+
Designer  Wraps   $150+

Complimentary Consultations available, we would love the opportunity to speak with you!

Our Personal Guarantee
Here at X-treme Creations
‘it’s all about being you!’
Our goal is to provide you with
exceptional Products & Services
Our highly trained stylists will
help to design a style specifically
to suit your lifestyle
Whether your looking for
something subtle and natural or
wild and outrageous,
we have the knowledge
to help you achieve your
desired look!
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